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"The ASPEC Insight"
After you have had your home inspection, we are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding your home inspection report & what was included in our services.  For more information on the topics listed in the TABLE OF CONTENTS below, please click HERE to read "THE ASPEC INSIGHT." Or if you prefer, you may also simply click on the titles below, for faster viewing of a specific topic of interest.


The * sections should be read now and the remaining sections before your Home inspection contingency expires and/or close of escrow

  1. *Inspection Information (Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, & Find Your Inspection Agreement)
  2. *Introduction
  3. Blame the home inspector
  4. Building Codes
  5. Cost to repair 
  6. *Discussion prior to report
  7. Errors, typos, and missing items 
  8. Excessive deferred maintenance, storage, & debris
  9. Fire safety
  10. Indoor air quality
  11. *Is my property report a guarantee, a warranty, or insurance?
  12. Older structure
  13. Ongoing Monitoring 
  14. Personal property
  15. Property inspectors as movers
  16. *Questions about your property report 
  17. Recalls
  18. Taking care of your home
  19. *Testing methods and further evaluation
  20. *When things go wrong (also known as home ownership)

"The Home Base" Real Estate Library

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