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35.     "Josh was excellent and took the time to explain every detail in person. Made me feel very confident in all his findings.  Your service was well beyond what I expected.  I was blown away at just how thorough the inspection was.  Everything was looked at by Josh, and his knowledge was very well organized and competent.  He took the time to explain all his findings and left me knowing exactly how to handle all the little issues.  A Truly A+ company.  I will recommend to anyone!” ~ Terry L Knapp, Sr., home buyer

36.    "…quick on return phone calls, easy to talk to and understand. Loved the final detailed book I received in the mail.  Everything was explained in detail and w/ pictures.  It was very helpful.  Everything was done very well…much above my expectations.  Great job!” ~ Dreama Schmitz, home buyer

37.     Liked “detail of reports. Pictures along with charts helped to follow written report.  Very timely…Great Job.” ~ Tyson Snider, home buyer

38.     "Very thorough and professional.” ~ CJ & Laura Parker, home buyers

39.    Liked “the detailed walk through, and the report itself. I liked the pictures of each issue.  We appreciated the early e-mail copy of the report.  The report itself rocked. Great attention to detail. Josh did an awesome job explaining things, spoke clearly and was friendly.” ~ Desmond Shepherd, home buyer

40.     Liked “professional report.  Personal review of concerns.” ~ Lynn Barnhart, home buyer

41.     "Well Done.”  Liked “everything checked.” ~ James Szuma, home buyer

42.     Liked most about our service, “that there was service. Having worked in the service industry for years, we appreciated that you made us feel “special” not just another job.  That started with shaking our hands and calling us by name.  Also you spelled Garry with 2 ‘R’s which a lot of people miss.  The detail shown in their courteousness when far in our trust factor.  As a side note the realty company was impressed.  Thanks, Connie & Garry.   Also, the reasonable fee charged gives us peace of mind worth much more.” ~ Connie & Garry Boylan, home buyers

43.    "I am very pleased with the service you provided.  My parents were impressed with the inspector’s knowledge” Liked most “that he took his time and was completely thorough in his inspection.”  ~ Craig Huffman, home buyer

44.     Liked most that “The inspection was very thorough.  Also the report was helpful.” ~ Michelle Valvano, home buyer

45.   "Comprehensive. Timely.  Report was received within a short period of time. Very satisfied. Great services.  Helped us save a lot of money over potentially poor home purchase.” ~ Oksana Didyuk, home buyer

46.   "Detailed with good pictures and comprehensive report.  Nice hard copy to keep on file.” ~ home buyer, Northwest Ohio

47.     "Considerate, friendly, complete.” ~ Charlotte Price, home buyer

48.     Like “the knowledge and easy going way everything was dealt with.  We loved you guys so much we hired you a second time within a month!  You guys are awesome!” ~ Travis Kerr/ Ashley Thurn, home buyers

49.     Liked most “overall, the inspection was very thorough.  Also the report was easy to understand.  Thank you for your patience through out the process and explaining various concerns to my family and myself.  The inspection helped me to ultimately decide what was in my best interests.” ~ Amanda Rettig, home buyer

50.     Liked most that services were “very, very thorough.  Our inspector was very polite and professional.  Very friendly – great service – super polite – very glad I chose this company for our inspection.  Thank you very much! – L. Jones”  ~ Lindy Jones, home buyer

51.    "Very friendly and knowledgeable. Very thorough. No complaints. The Fredericks were very helpful when I called seeking help.  Josh was very nice and took a great deal of time inspecting the areas of our home that I had particular concerns with.  The final report was amazing!  Very well put together and easy to understand.  If you value exceptional work and a family oriented business – ASPEC is the way to go!!” ~ Cody Hesseling, home owner

52.     Liked most… “very thorough. Took the time to discuss the inspection with us.”  “Thank you for the thoroughness of the report and sharing your thoughts with us the day of the inspection.  We appreciate your willingness to accommodate our schedule and tolerate the cold.”  ~ Darlene Pearson, home buyer

53.    "Josh appeared very professional, thorough, and honest!  Thank you for your help.  We could have possibly made a purchase that could’ve been a potential money pit.  We were devastated but reassured.  Thanks!” ~ Northwest Ohio home buyer

54.    Liked that “the report was very detailed.  I like that you mailed a copy also.  Very satisfied!  Thanks!”  ~ Christina Fedderke, home buyer

55.     Liked most about our services: “Very well documented.” ~ William Midtgard, Key Lime LLC, investor

56.     Liked most that our services are “very thorough!”  ~ Matt & Cassie Verhoff, home buyers

57.     Very satisfied and liked most… “Josh – Professional”  ~ Charlotte Price, home buyer

58.     "Great work.  Used you 3 times.  Nice to have discount.”  Like that “you showed us what we needed, & report had lots of useful info.”  ~ Kaleb Unisko, home buyer

59.     "Services were timely, upfront & honest.”  ~ Donald Salley, Jr., home buyer

60.     Liked the “very thorough report.”  “We appreciate the time you spent with us.  We love that you are a family owned business!”  ~ Hubert & Valerie Hostetter, home buyers

61.    "The inspector was very friendly and explained things in a way that was easily understandable.  Loved your service!”  ~ Whitt family, home buyers

62.     Liked “the layout of the information.  Easy to follow.”  ~ Northwest Ohio home buyer

63.     "Can’t think of anything” she didn’t’ like.  ~ Jean Ewers, home buyer

64.     "Very professional and thorough.  Pictures are a great tool.  If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!!  Nice Job.”  ~ Mel Ricker, home buyer

65.     "We used you before and were very happy.” Like most, “the fact that you are very thorough.  We really liked the detailed paperwork we get as well.”  ~ Melanie Campos, home buyer

66.     Liked most about our service, “how complete it was.”  “The inspection and report were much more detailed and complete than I had anticipated.  As a result, many repairs were made by the seller, saving me a great deal of time and money.  Thank you!”  ~ Julie Grindstaff, home buyer

67.     Very satisfied and likes most our “honesty and dedication.”  “I consider Josh a partner in my quest for a property.”  ~ Dan Baker, home buyer

68.     Liked most that our services were “on time.  Went out of his way to fit us in on an earlier date, very professional, and personable.”  “Exceptional dedication to the customer.  ASPEC has done several inspections for us now and would recommend them to anyone!”  ~ Tyler Lauber, home buyer

69.     "This was our current home that we are selling.”  Liked that services are “very detailed – showed how to make improvements.”  ~ Charlie & Nikki Bostelman, home sellers

70.    "We could buy a home with our eyes wide open.  This is the second time we have used your services.  I feel after you folks have done an inspection on a home, we, the buyers, can make an educated decision about buying a home.  We think you are as good as Mike Holmes from “Holmes on Homes.”  ~ Jim & Dawn Szuma, home buyers

71.     Liked that “you were able to get there in the time I needed.  My husband and I loved the pictured report.  You do Excellent work J  Awesome Job!  We loved it all.  You spoke to me with words/ terms that I as a woman could understand.  Thank you so much!”  ~ Jennifer Mudel, home buyer

72.     Liked “very thorough reports, use of pictures & personalized messages, walking us through the overview of the house.  Thank you for being so thorough! Your follow up message when I had trouble opening the PDF was very prompt & considerate.”  ~ Julie & Chinjamba Masuwa

73.     "Very in depth – everything back in timely manner.  Nicely laid out.”  In regards to our service, said “it was excellent.”  ~ Northwest Ohio home buyer

74.     Liked “the ease of the whole process.”  ~ Northwest Ohio home buyer

75.     Liked “the professionalism & thorough inspection.”  “You did a great job!  The report is very easy to understand and contains a lot of detail and helpful information.  Would recommend you!  Thanks!”  ~ Mandi O’Brien, home buyer

76.     "Josh was very friendly and did a complete job.”  ~ Northwest Ohio home buyer

77.     "Very thorough, friendly, timely.”  ~ Aaron Rex, home buyer

78.     "Personable.  Very detail oriented.  Very glad we went with you for our home inspection.  In having it be our first home, he was a great teacher and made things very simple for us to understand.  We will definitely recommend you to friends and family and for personal use.  Thanks again!”  ~ Tim & Kendra Nofziger

79.     "I liked the pictures which gave an accurate idea of what is going on under the house & other places I couldn’t actually see.  I had no problem with anything.”  ~ Diana Keesler

80.     "Josh was very thorough and he took his time to explain any details.  Timely and easy to work with.  The truth hurts sometimes, but you saved us from buying a potential money pit.  I already hired you twice.  Thanks for saving us from making a mistake on a house.  We found a house that is better for us than the original one you inspected.  You helped us make a wise and informed decision, not just based on “house fever.” Proverbs 19:2, check it out.”  ~ Samuel Andres, home buyer

81.     "Very thorough inspection – Good report with great explanations.”  ~ Jarred Hageman, home buyer

82.     Liked most that our services are “very thorough and professional.”  ~ Jack Matson, home buyer

83.     Liked that “the report included links and pictures of how to correct items in need of attention.”  “Thank you for your services.  Your inspector was able to answer questions while going through the inspection.  Coffee and snacks was very thoughtful too.”  ~ Jamie Gregg, home buyer

84.     "Friendly, excellence, helpful links for DIY projects on areas that need work.”  “We feel that you guys have excellence in the quality of work you do.  It is refreshing to know that we had all the possible information to help aid in our decision.”  ~ Cruz Family, home buyers

85.     Very satisfied  ~ Rosemary Shelt, home buyer

86.    "The final report was awesome.  Very thorough and gave suggestions on how to fix problems.  Great customer service, great final report, great website.  Would definitely do business again.”  ~ Jeremy Boehm, home buyer

87.    Liked most “that I was lead around & shown what was wrong.”  “I like everything,” about the services.  “I love your company.  You made me feel good about hiring you to help me know what problems I had now & future problems.  Thank you so much.”  ~ Joy Lynn Lawall, home buyer

88.     Liked that “book on house came in the mail within days of inspection, very detailed.”  ~ Northwest Ohio home buyer

89.     Liked the “complete information in an easy to read binder.”  ~ Anthony Decker, home buyer

90.     Liked most “that items of concern and regular maintenance features were included.  Very satisfied with the full services.  Owner/ builder has agreed to resolve all items on pages ** & ** prior to closing.  I will contract the other items on my own.  Thanks – I appreciated this service very much!”  ~ Judy Swerline, home buyer

91.     "Very timely on getting us the report.  Very pleased J”  ~ Josh & Lacey Powell, home buyers

92.     Liked “the entire process!  Josh was so detailed!  We especially loved the binder we received – It’s so handy for future repairs!  A wonderful experience – Definitely worth the money – I would HIGHLY recommend!  J”  ~ Ryan & Rebecca Wilhelm, home buyers

93.     "From phone call to end of service – very polite and professional.”  “I purposely waited a year to fill this out.  I was & continue to be pleased with the inspector, Josh Frederick.  His report has & continues to help me prepare…He was knowledgeable, professional, & polite.  Thank you, Kathy Shew”  ~ Kathy Shew, home buyer

94.     Liked the “very detailed outline of your findings.  Easy to read & well organized.  Very complete.”  ~ Alan Rivera, home buyer

95.     "I appreciated you walking through with me pointing out & explaining your findings.  Thanks Josh, my husband & I were very pleased with the detailed report.  I can see all the work you put into it on our behalf.  Sue J”  ~ Sue Metz, home buyer

96.     "So helpful – made everything easy – report was very complete”  ~ Angela Hricovsky, home buyer

97.    "Efficient and very complete – valuable information on all items and resources provided for following up.”  “This inspection was very useful in providing information to follow up on with present seller.  The items identified were not serious, but some were safety items needing addressed.  It is nice to see someone providing a service for me and not the bank.  The honest view points were very helpful and appreciated.”  ~ Joe Porter, home buyer

98.     Liked most that the inspector “took pictures and then thoroughly described what was wrong and how to fix it.”  “We received your number through a recommendation by friends and we will do the same.  Great service provided!  Love the booklet!!”  ~ Northwest Ohio home buyer

99.     Liked most “how you went over the report.”  “Josh went above & beyond for us and we had a great experience using your service.  Thanks again.”  ~ Joshua Wright, home buyer

100.    Liked the “pictures included with inspection.”  “No dislikes”  “Was going to buy house anyway, but liked the extra information I wouldn’t have known about.  Thank you.”  ~ Gary Gessner, home buyer

101.   Liked “the way things were explained at time of inspection & them with the follow-up e-mail & mailed report.”  “No Problems.”  “Very professional.  Josh took the time to explain & show us the problem areas.”  ~ Roger & Cindy Stewart, home buyers

102.   "Very thorough.  Very willing to put up with all my questions.  Scheduling was wonderful with my tight time frame.  Josh – Thank you so much for all your help.  Your work is so professional.  My friends in my office were impressed with your report as well.  It is really helping me to make an informed decision.  Please tell Celena how much I appreciate her kindness as well.  Thanks again!!”  ~ Debbie Binkley, home buyer

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